We’ve BEEn BUZZy

Posted by on May 14, 2015

We are proud members of the David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme Bee Friendly Park Project!

1454766_958185104232241_7005926177892431802_nWe have been planting some special ‘Bee Mats’ with seeds from plants which are bee friendly to attract them to the site.

You can help too by taking part in the Bee Count! It’s a new family-friendly citizen science project to build a national picture of how our bees are doing. Today people all around the country begin counting our buzzing friends.

To take part, simply download this new smartphone app for free. Developed by Friends of the Earth, Buglife and B&Q, it will help you easily identify bee species and log sightings when you’re out and about at Fen Farm.

We know that bees often go hungry and homeless. More than 20 UK bee species are already extinct and about a quarter of the remaining 267 species are at risk.